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2023-10-08: More Moments to Go

Workshop handout from the Smallsword Symposium 2023. This was a refreshed and expanded version of my "Moments to Go" workshop which I've delivered a few times this year. It also marks the 40th workshop I've done for an event or club.

2023-08-26: SERFO 2023

(Very delayed) workshop handouts from the South-East Renaissance Fencing Open 2023. These were slightly refreshed versions of two previous workshops:

  1. Five Cuts on the March
  2. Moments to Go

2023-06-03: 5 Coaching Tips

Workshop handout from HEMAC Dijon 2023. This was a revised version of my 5 coaching tips workshop from the May Melee, with additional exercises to illustrate the points more clearly (and fill a longer class slot!).

2023-05-14: May Melee 2023

Workshop handouts from two short classes taught at the May Melee 2023:

  1. 5 Coaching Tips
  2. Zorn, Krump and Twer

2023-03-18: Updates page

Added a site page to act as an easy reference index for newly posted content. Also added an RSS Feed for use with appropriate readers.

2023-03-09: Moments to Go

Workshop handout from Kings of the North 2023. This class was focused on finding a good moment to go - and bailing out of the attack if the moment is not good.